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Meet Our Cast

Updated: May 2

Ajit Singh is a fictitious character, played by Ben Sura. He comes to London to garner support from the British aristocracy, by befriending Lady Emily Lutyens. He is a very diplomatic and tactful man, although jovial when needed.

As a Sikh, Ben feels he has the Sikh background to get the most out of the character. He is using real- life influences to develop the character.


Ruchika Jain has appeared in several stage productions including 58 solo performances as Maanika in Polka’s ‘Maanika and the Wolf’. She is playing Rani Gupta, a dynamic Congress Party representative looking to cement Indian-British relations. Ruchika feels this role is crucial as it is a turning point for Indian women to break out of their traditional roles and become strong influences in both India and world politics. The role is also special for Ruchika as her grandfather fought for freedom alongside Nehru and is a signatory in the Indian constitution. (OMG 🇮🇳)


Having been in the workshop production of India Gate in summer 2021, Maggie Turner was very happy to be asked to reprise her performances this time around. Playing Lady Lutyens' maid, the wife of a member of the British ruling class, and the organiser of the meeting at which Sir Michael O'Dwyer is assassinated, her characters appear in each of the three main strands of this multifaceted play, which interweaves the Lutyens' story with that of the move towards Indian home rule and of Udham Singh's quest for revenge for the Amritsar Massacre. "Oh Milady!"


Julian has been acting in amateur theatre since 1987 when he made his stage debut in William Shakespeare's  'Troilus and Cressida' at Leeds University.  In 2006 he joined the acting membership at The Questors Theatre and has appeared in over twenty plays for them.  He is keenly interested in new writing projects and has acted in and directed new plays in the QExtra slot at Questors.  He is excited about appearing in the new play, 'India Gate' and he feels honoured to be part of this important collaboration with the local Punjabi Theatre.  He is delighted to be playing the key role of Earl Mountbatten while also 'doubling' in some performances as Sir Edwin Lutyens. "Jai Hind!" 🙏


Rajeev Soni is playing the real life historical figure and freedom fighter, Udham Singh. Rajeev is excited to bring Udham to life and to have a small part of his story shared on stage. Many untold real life events exist during this shared time of British and Indian history and he feels privileged to be part of this movement to tell these stories and to be part of Punjabi Theatre Academy. Rajeev has a passion for theatre so this opportunity to bring Udham Singh to life on stage is a real gift. He also feels a close connection and affinity with certain parts of Udham Singh's life story.  Rajeev is from a Punjabi family so this production feels close to home. He recalls stories told to him of his father who used to study by the Golden Temple.  He has loved researching the production visiting 'Caxton hall' where Sir Michael O'Dwyer was shot and the Gurdwara in Shepherds Bush (now known as Central Gurdwara) in London where Udham was given shelter. Rajeev has also enjoyed reading the 'Patient Assassin' by Anita Anand and 'Empireland' by Sathnam Sanghera which have furnished him with a vast amount of historical context surrounding British Imperialism. Inqulab Zindabad! 🇮🇳

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